Five Things You May Need To Hear

Learnings for lockdown 2.0 in India

I have been a High Performance Coach with a background post graduate background in sports science and psychology for twenty years. My job has always been to tap into the upper limits of human potential, physiologically and psychologically. I don’t talk about surviving, I talk about thriving in any and every ecosystem.

The last month in India has been nothing short of traumatic and for the first time, that feeling of fear and anxiety has been overwhelmingly present. It’s imposssible to ignore and incredibly difficult to function with. The result is not procrastination but a deeper type paralysis of action.

I have spent the last year in India coaching corporates and individuals and these are five simple truths I have discovered. They not really secrets, just realisations which anyone could use to find a semblance of normality amidst the chaos.

  1. It’s normal to be overthinking a situation, even questioning your future. Chances are, the worst case situation playing on repeat in your mind will never manifest. However, if you need to remind yourself just one thing right now, remind yourself that in times of uncertainty, it’s better not to act than to act in haste.
  2. Everyone seems to be a little triggered right now, and understandably so. It’s important to be aware of the fact that most people are not themselves right now, and are probably hypersensitive to certain words, phrases and gestures. It would be help to give people the benefit of the doubt right now. After all, I am sure that we would all appreciate being given the benefit of the doubt if we ever acted in a manner that was unbecoming of us.
  3. Most of us fearful because we looking for a new type of success using an old blueprint, that is, our old methodology of success. It is incredibly important to trust the process of ‘letting go’ of the old. This is how you leave the door open for the new.
  4. As a creative artist, I am often humbled and overwhelmed by the ‘blank page’. It took me a long time to learn to ‘trust the space’ — the void that exists before your creativity starts to flow. Trusting the space means being kind and compassionate to yourself knowing that if your hold that space long enough, it will be filled with something your desire or need. I often remind myself that the energy with which I hold space ultimately determines what I attract. If a bring fear into that space, I will only attract fear.
  5. Lastly, it’s a difficult time. There are limited opportunities, we are dealing with the grief, overwhelming uncertainty, and that feeling of a loss of freedom. For every single one of us, this is a massive paradigm shift from our old reality. It’s important to understand that everything you are feeling is normal but also that everything you are feeling is also being felt by millions of others. You are not alone and at a times like this, sharing authentically may give us the solace we really need.

Hope this few thoughts help you. Please share them and connect with me on IG and Twitter.

With Love and Gratitude



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